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To qualify to write the exam, an individual must belong to a regulated health professional and must fulfill all of the requirements below. The exam sitting will be on [NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED] and will be approximately 3 hours long.


An individual is eligible to qualify to write the CMLE examination provided all of the following criteria are met:

i.    Qualification and Current Registration: The candidate must provide documentation of having completed an official accredited training program within their area of clinical expertise and documentation of applicable registration status at their respective governing College. The candidate must also demonstrate that they are currently in good standing with their respective college and hold autonomy to practice with no limitations at the time of examination.

ii.    CMLE Training: In order to qualify for the CMLE examination, the candidate must have completed the CMLE IME Foundations Training program – Parts I and II (8 hours per course for a total of 16 hours) in the prior 12 months at the time of application. No substitutions for this training will be accommodated in any circumstance. At least one provincial legislative module must be selected and completed as part of the training and examination program.

iii.   IME Report Review: As a key component of completing their CMLE certification, the candidate must demonstrate competency in IME assessments and reporting. The reports will be reviewed by the Examination Committee through a blindpeer review process, and scored together as pass or fail. Both reports must receive a passing grade in order to qualify for certification. In addition, the candidate will be required to complete a self-evaluation on the reports pertaining to quality factors, an analysis of elements of bias and medicolegal principles applied.


There are two options to satisfy these criteria: 

a.   The candidate provides 2 full IME reports (without patient identifying information) of their own writing to the Examination Office for review at least 45 days prior to the date of the intended written examination.

b.   If the candidate does not have prior IME reports for submission, the candidate will have up to 6 months from the examination date to submit their reports for review. Credentialing will not be granted until after the review of these reports and a passing grade achieved.

The number of examination attempts by candidate will be limited to three times within a three year period.



The successful CMLE candidate will be required to provide the Examination Office with evidence of completion of continuing education in the field of independent medicolegal evaluations annually by the 31st December of each calendar year. This includes:

i.   Completion of a minimum of 15 hours per calendar year of continuing education directly relating to relevant to the field of independent evaluations and disability management. This might include conference and/or webinar participation, research publication, or formal course work. Any other proposed educational activities will require review by the credentialing committee on special request and with full documentation.

ii.  All related clinical and legal topics are eligible. Any questions regarding eligibility should be forwarded to the CMLE Examination Office in advance of completion of the session/course.


The CMLE Program committee has the right to cancel or change speakers, program content and date without prior notice, and assumes no liability for these changes.

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