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CSME|CAPDA Medico-Legal Summit - Stacey Baboulas
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The Dichotomy of Occupational Therapy Assessments in Private Practice and the Implications for Clients with Mental Health Impairments

Stacey Baboulas, Hon. BSc. (Kin), MSc.O.T.

Occupational Therapists are uniquely trained in not only the medical and physical limitations of a disability or injury, but also in the psycho-social and psycho-emotional factors that affect an individual’s ability to function independently, thus making us an important part of an assessment and treatment team. However, when our assessments are not designed with the medical and psychological foundation as the forefront, it often results in various areas of the client’s functioning being neglected, and limited functional data being obtained. This often results in an inaccurate representation of the client’s functioning, a delay of benefits and a disruption in the client’s recovery and rehabilitation.

The purpose of this session is to review the various approaches and methodologies that are currently being used by occupational therapists when conducting medical-legal assessments, and to explore how some of them may not be providing us with a true reflection of the client’s overall functioning from a mental/behavioural perspective. The session will provide various case studies and outcomes to illustrate the importance of utilizing the medical and psychological foundation when designing our functional assessments.

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